A Localisation Platform For Agile Teams,
Diverse Content & Projects

Collaborative Efforts

Invite unlimited team members and external resources to the platform and see them work in harmony.

Any Project

Go multilingual with your documents, apps, software, websites, videos, games, and more!

Use All
File Types

Stay hassle-free with a system that supports over
40 files and format types.

Get a
Global View

Track progress of all projects across teams, departments, and markets in spaces and projects with an admin view.

Set Seamless

Assign different roles to control every team member’s access to projects, files, and content – leading to a productive workflow.


Utilise translation memories and glossaries across teams to translate your content easily and maintain a consistent brand tone.

Turn Translation Management Into A Team Sport

Invite your internal and external team members to this powerful platform and get agile solutions tailor-made for diverse teams.

Customer Support

Mobilise your customer support agents with a platform that helps them communicate in any language!


Streamline your marketing objectives and workflow for global product launches, marketing campaigns, and more!


Boost agile localisation for your development projects, or technical documents with a unified platform that helps you reach a wider audience.


Empower your localisation team with a system that automates the end-to-end translation workflow


Ensure your designs are in sync with your content regardless of your target language or audience.


Develop localised products for multiple platforms and devices without having to put in twice the effort!


Expand To International Markets With 180+ Languages

Lingpad supports all world languages for translation so your brand can communicate with anyone around the world!

  • Along with being the first language of 13% of Europeans, German is among the top ten languages spoken worldwide. Target your German-speaking audience with our German translation services.

  • French is a commonly spoken second language, and the second most studied language around the globe. Sound authentic with our French translation services.

  • 322 million people speak Hindi across 15 countries as their native language. Expand your business in India and other Hindi-speaking regions with our Hindi translation services.

  • 220 million native Portuguese speakers and 40 million second-language speakers reside in 10 countries. Increase the reach of your content with our Portuguese translation services.

  • Spanish is spoken by 480 million native speakers across 20 countries. Utilise our Spanish translation services to appeal to your Spanish audience.

  • About one in five of the world’s population speaks some form of Chinese, and that's 873 million native speakers and 178 million second-language speakers. Reach out to us and get quality Chinese translation services.

  • English is the third most spoken language in the world, with 400 million native speakers. Provide your audience with an engaging experience with our English translation services.

  • Japanese is the ninth most spoken language in the world with 126 million native speakers and 1 million second-language speakers. Benefit from our quality Japanese translation services.

  • Thai is spoken by 20.2 million native speakers across 5 countries. Secure your place in the fast-growing Thai market with our Thai translation services.

  • Arabic holds the official language status in 22 countries and special language status in 3 countries. Expand your business in Arabic-speaking regions with Arabic translation services.

  • Italian is spoken by 64 million native speakers across 29 countries. Appeal to your Italian audience and customers with our Italian translation services.

  • About 110 million people speak Swedish as their native language across 29 countries. Our Swedish translation services will help you see global success.


Bring All Your Favourite Integrations Under One Roof

Explore integrations that can help put your translations to better and faster use.

Localise your customer support emails and tickets in just a few steps with the Zendesk integration.

Reach out to global customers in their native language with the Freshdesk integration.


Manage Translation Orders Like A Pro

Real-time Status Updates

Keep the entire team updated about the progress of each project with status updates.

Dedicated Project Manager

Have a dedicated project manager assist you through the translation process at no extra cost.

Translation Pricing Simplified

If you’re still paying full price for your entire translation projects, here’s a treat for you!
Discover the benefits of Translate By Humans’ simplified translation pricing.

Pay Half for Repeated Segments:

Pay up to 50% less for repeated segments of text from the moment you start your project. Check out the blog for more information.

Translation Memory (TM) and Glossary:

Get long term pricing benefits by sharing your existing TM or glossary with us or have our team create a custom one for you. Check out the blog for more information.


The Ones Who Conquered The World With Lingpad

The team was willing to work with our budget and produced a great translation. Plus, they accept .json files which makes our developers’ lives so much easier. Their turnaround time was great, too. Thanks for the translation and the great customer service!

Their service has always been professional; emails are answered within a few hours or less; quality of translations is great; communications about issues or delays is always done in a timely manner. The workflow is comfortable, and they were able to adjust their output to fit our needs. Highly recommended!

Right from requesting translations to receiving them - it was a super smooth process. The team is very friendly and accommodating. They represent the gold standard of  customer service, quality of translations, and speed of service. We always received the translations well on time. 

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