Maximize Value With Translation Memory And Glossary

Enable your internal and external teams to utilize translation memory (TM) and glossary for different projects. Find out how these can help you win the localization game.

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Save 57% Of Total Cost And Create Consistent Translations

The Lingpad app has been developed keeping an enterprise’s needs in mind. So, from account management to reports, Lingpad helps your support team go multilingual – efficiently and effortlessly.

Translation Memory

Sticking to localization budgets can be tricky. But it’s not impossible. Create or upload a translation memory so you will never have to pay for the same translation twice.

Translation GlossaryComing Soon!

Got any terms specific to your industry or brand? List them all and their respective translations in a glossary. So, translators can use these translations to maintain consistency across all languages.

Share Multiple Translation Memories And Collaborate Better

Having two access levels for all your translation memories (TMs) and choosing which ones to enable makes localization processes faster and more efficient.

Project TM

Every user who is a part of the project can utilize this memory for various languages.

Global TM

One click and you can enable your entire organization to utilize a TM.

Update & Enable

Choose which TMs you wish to update and see suggestions from.

Leverage Translation Memory
And Increase
Productivity By 30%

Lingpad shows you exactly how much of a particular segment matches
with the ones saved in your translation memory.

Fuzzy Match

A 60% to 99% match that needs to be checked thoroughly and might even need partial translations.

Exact Match

A 100% match that needs to be proofread to ensure it matches the context accurately.

Context Match

A perfect context match that may need to be reviewed.

Perfect Match

You’ve hit jackpot! This translation is good-to-go.

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