Diving Deep into Multilingual Customer Service with Michael Tymchyshyn

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Our Guest
Michael Tymchyshyn

Sr. Customer Service Agent, Product Madness

Our Host
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Amit Shivani

Director of Sales, Lingpad

Join us as we launch our new customer service interview series, “Real Voices”. Hosted by Amit Shivani, the series aims to bring together customer service professionals’ real experiences and stories to create a valuable resource for the community.

In our premier episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Michael Tymchyshyn, a senior customer service agent from Product Madness. Amit and Michael will delve into the secrets of their successful customer service strategies, and explore the important role of language in providing top-notch service. Don’t miss it!

Here are the key take aways.

0:38 What you do?

1:33 Are you multilingual?

3:07 Multilingual tools

4:23 Zendesk and Intercom

6:10  Measuring customer experience 

7:50 Keeping up with customer service trends

9:11 Customer service events

10:32 Product Madnesss multilingual strategy

12:14 Michaels dream language

14:53 Multilingual Journey

17:52 Translations of Knowledge Base

19:22 Personalized Support

20:11 Good Customer Service

23:22 Conclusion

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