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Resolve Multilingual Customer Queries
With Monolingual Agents

No-code integrations and streamlined workflow to facilitate quick multilingual customer service communications. Boost 72% increase in CSAT scores without additional resources or agents!

Accelerating Multilingual Customer Service For Scaling Brands Like

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World-Class Features To Scale Your Customer Support Communications In Any Language

Lingpad’s agile features automate your customer service strategy and empower monolingual agents to be multilingual.

Inbound Tickets

All inbound multilingual tickets' languages are automatically detected and ticket content is AI-translated.

Response Translation Options

Freedom to choose whether you need human or AI-powered translations for a ticket response, depending upon the content.

Auto Reply

Enhance agent functionality and performance, and avoid delays with auto-reply feature. No more waiting customers!

Custom Tags

Custom tags based on the translation's status which aid in report creation and streamline workflows.


Track goals and impact through custom reports which give you insights into popular languages, ticket frequency and more!

Versatile Admin Panel

Streamline localization across cross-functional customer support teams with the right accesses and language permissions.

Integrate Your Preferred Customer Support System For Seamless Multilingual Support

Lingpad’s no-code integration for Zendesk Support and Freshdesk Support Desk allow you to offer localized customer service options to global audiences and expand your presence in new markets – right from your preferred customer support platform!

No Matter The Industry, Boost CSAT Scores With Lingpad

Retail and eCommerce

Online shopping made easy! Let you customers shop with confidence. Assist them with their retail needs and queries in their preferred language.

Travel and Tourism

Traveling should be an adventure, not hampered by language barriers. Make your customers' journey stress-free with multilingual ticket support.

SaaS and Tech

Aid customers understand and utilize your tech product to maximum efficiency. Make specialized terminology understandable with multilingual support.


No language barriers, just pure gaming enjoyment. Enable your gamers to smash levels with relevant information only your support team can provide.

Financial Services

Speak to your customer in their preferred language and help them resolve any financial confusion. Financial matters made easy, in any language.

Medicine and Healthcare

Healthcare without language barriers. Assist patients and caregivers with timely, relevant support in the language they comfortable conversing in.

Multilingual Success: Real-Life Examples Of Brands Delivering Exceptional Customer Support

  • Zendesk SupportZendesk Support
  • 890Avg. Monthly Tickets
  • 75Languages
  • Translation MemoryAI + Human

Rebtel is a Swedish technology reforming international calling by offering high-quality international calling available at optimum prices. The services include International Mobile Top-Up and Money Transfer as well! Needless to say, multilingual customer support is a pivotal part of Rebtel's worldwide success.

  • Zendesk SupportZendesk Support
  • 248Avg. Monthly Tickets
  • 8Languages
  • AI translationAI

Luxreaders is an innovative eCommerce Retail brand that is revolutionizing the way people buy reading glasses. Since all aspects of the business are online: the initial virtual try-on, online vision test as well as a qualified assessment of the their customer's needs; Luxreaders receive considerable amount of customer service tickets.

  • Zendesk SupportZendesk Support
  • 84Avg. Monthly Tickets
  • 7Languages
  • AI translationAI

Leading Fintech company Mokka offers BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) to clients in Central and Eastern Europe. Mokka enables flexible payment solutions for their 12 million registered consumers across 7500 leading merchant partners. Offering multilingual customer service is crucial to their business as they aim to grow into new areas.

Opt For Robust Multilingual Support Minus The Budget-draining Costs

Lingpad’s pricing is tailored to your needs. Our “Pay As You Grow” model is ideal for businesses of all sizes. 

Human Translation

The cost varies depending on the language pair.

AI-powered Translation


Are You Looking For A Worry-free Migration?

Our team takes care of your customized, all-round migration journey from start to finish so that you can focus on adding value to your customers’ experience with your brand. Simplify migration at zero additional fees!

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Our migration experts will understand your multilingual customer support strategies in depth, and take care of migrating content from different platforms so that your can access all your multilingual content right from Lingpad.

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With the power of automation and human expertise, we streamline your multilingual communication — including TMs and Glossary — for all mediums by migrating every workflow to Lingpad. This will be a continual process with regular syncs and updates.

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Our experts ensure your customer service tool integrations are up and running, existing collaborators are given access permissions and perform extensive QA processes from start to finish. This entire process will be completed in three working days.

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Eager To Add Value To Customer Experiences Than Focus On Taxing Localization Workflows?

Book a free demo to learn how to integrate your relevant support ticket platform with Lingpad and make your multi language support streamlined and efficient.