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Multilingual Help Center Because Your Customers Deserve 24x7 Support

Advance localization of help center articles with no-code knowledge base integration. Provide multilingual customer service while reducing customer support costs by 67% and increasing team productivity by 83%.

Powering Multilingual Help Desk For Global Brands Like

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Scalable Features To Streamline Your Multilingual Content Delivery Loop

Maximize your success in new markets by quickly releasing localized versions of your help center. Lingpad’s agile features facilitate the seamless localization of help center articles in every language.


Eliminate the manual, repetitive task of importing the latest version of your articles by enabling the 'Auto-pull' feature. No more sharing of multiple drafts and revisions over emails!

No-code Integration

Say hello to seamless help desk localization workflows with our no-code help center integrations. Simply create your knowledge base Integration project on Lingpad, and authorize access.

Custom Sync

Why sync your entire help desk when you can customize your selection? Unrestricted freedom to import and export specific articles in particular languages to optimize the localization process.

Multilingual SEO

Expand your online reach and connect with a global audience with multilingual SEO. Optimize your knowledge base for multiple languages and dominate search results in any market.


With Editor Tags, maintaining formatting is simpler! Increase readability, and save time while maintaining formatting consistency — .Bold, Italics, Underline — in all languages.


Boost your translation efficiency with our pre-translation feature. Enable it to quickly translate large volumes of content through TM or AI, while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Translation Memory

Streamline your translation process and save time and resources with Translation Memories. Never translate the same phrase twice and ensure consistent, accurate translations every time.


Ensure consistent, accurate translations every time with glossaries. Create custom glossaries for your business and watch your translations soar to new heights of quality and precision.

Bringing Leading Help Desk Integrations For Scaling Brands

Lingpad’s no-code integration for Zendesk Guide, Freshdesk Knowledge Base and Intercom Articles allow you to offer localized self-service options to global audiences and reach new markets in a single click.

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Freshdesk Knowledge Base
Intercom Articles
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Empowering Global Success With Multilingual Help Desk For Any Industry

Retail and eCommerce

Unlock new markets and increase customer loyalty by providing localized information to help shoppers make informed decisions.

Travel and Tourism

Provide personalized, localized guidance to help your customers plan the perfect trip and ensure a seamless travel experience.

SaaS and Tech

Interact with customers around the world and make your cutting-edge technology accessible across borders.


Connect with players around the world and provide them with the guidance they need to enjoy your games in their preferred language.

Financial Services

Provide localized advice to help customers navigate the complex world of finance easily in their native language.

Medicine and Healthcare

Equip patients and caregivers with vital information in their own language and empower them to take charge of their healthcare.

Brands Exemplifying Outstanding Multilingual Customer Service Experiences With Localized Self-Service Options

  • Zendesk GuideZendesk Guide
  • 194Articles
  • 4Languages
  • Translation MemoryAI + Human

Veo is a groundbreaking Tech brand passionately working to make sports recording technology affordable and accessible to all. With a presence in over 80 countries, Veo's expansive knowledge base articles also needed to be accessible to members of the Veo community. What better way to make help center articles accessible than to make them available in the relevant target languages!

  • Zendesk GuideZendesk Guide
  • 584Articles
  • 7Languages
  • Translation MemoryAI + Human

TruTrip is an innovative business travel management company making business travel accessible and straightforward. With cutting-edge travel technology, consumer-grade designs, complete visibility over trips, spending, and expenses, businesses are able to optimise and automate their travel booking processes using TruTrip's platform. Making their holistic knowledge base multilingual is crucial to engage varied audiences - and Lingpad is helping them do just that!

  • IntercomIntercom Articles
  • 63Articles
  • 4Languages
  • Translation MemoryAI + Human

LOQED is a Netherlands-based innovative brand revolutionising keyless smart lock for European doors. With home security linked to bluetooth and virtual networks as their core offering, it was crucial that LOQED's help center articles was accessible to Europe's diverse population. To achieve the multilingual journey efficient and streamlined, LOQED has partnered with Lingpad to localize their comprehensive knowledge base.

Make Your Help Center Multilingual Without The Hefty Price Tag!

Lingpad’s pricing is tailored to your needs. Our “Pay As You Grow” model is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are just getting started with help center localization or have a comprehensive set of translated help center articles, we have got you covered.



Billed monthly

Are You Looking For A Worry-free Migration?

Our team takes care of your customized, all-round migration journey from start to finish so that you can focus on adding value to your customers’ experience with your brand. Simplify migration at zero additional fees!

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Our team takes care of your customized, all-round migration journey from start to finish so that you can focus on adding value to your customers' experience with your brand. Simplify migration at zero additional fees!

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With the power of automation and human expertise, we streamline your multilingual communication — including TMs and Glossary — for all mediums by migrating every workflow to Lingpad. This will be a continual process with regular syncs and updates.

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Our experts ensure your customer service tool integrations are up and running, existing collaborators are given access permissions and perform extensive QA processes from start to finish. This entire process will be completed in three working days.

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