Generative AI for CX: Should we fear it, embrace it or find a balance? Ft. Sylvain Mlodyszewski

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Sylvain Mlodyszewski
Sylvain Mlodyszewski

Director of Partnerships, Ultimate

Our Host
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Amit Shivani

Director of Sales, Lingpad

Join Amit and Sylvain Mlodyszewski, Director of Partnerships at Ultimate AI as they take a deep-dive into the latest talk around town: Generative AI.

In this comprehensive podcast, Sylvain takes us through the history of Generative AI, the core difference between Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technologies and Generative AI, how both these technologies can positively impact the CX environment if done right and the risks involved.

Tune in to this insightful interview as he dissects which AI technology would work best depending upon each customer service use case, how to make customer support processes highly effective by including a proper mix of human intervention and generative AI and last but not the least, how AI is creating new, highly-specialized roles rather than take away existing jobs.

If you are a brand thinking about how to get started with automation, this podcast is a must-listen! Stay competitive in today’s highly competitive business world with Sylvain’s astute observation on how to integrate AI into existing CRM ecosystems, without compromising on the existing workflows.

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