Value-driven CX: Foundation, Insights & How-to with Gregorio Uglioni

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Ohad Ronen
Gregorio Uglioni

Host and Founder, CX Goalkeeper

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Amit Shivani

Director of Sales, Lingpad

In today’s exciting Real Voices episode, we had the privilege to chat with award-winning CX Influencer and host of CX Goalkeeper, Gregorio Uglioni – about everything related to CX! Join Amit as he and Gregorio delve into a thoughtful conversation about how ‘creating value for human beings’ should be the foundation of CX.

Key Takeaways That We Love:

Work together as a team: It is crucial for all teams to work together to achieve a common business goal. All teams, including the ones not working directly with the customer, contribute to CX value addition and, consequently, the brand’s success.

CX GEM: Find ways to create long-lasting relationships with your customers by being empathetic and solving their queries. The methodologies and platforms of CX are evolving, but the foundation remains the same.

Deliver vs Discuss: Gregorio advices brands to work, try, work, improve and deliver a good customer experience rather than discuss what might work. Be agile!

AI – yay or nay? – Treat AI as an augmentation of our intelligence. Use it as an assistive tool and find ways to leverage it to augment our capabilities and solutions!

Highlight moment – “Without customers, there is no business” – Gregorio Uglioni (next merch idea, maybe?)

Listen to the podcast to know what we are talking about 😉

Links to Gregorio’s passion project, CX goalkeeper here.

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