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Real Voices

Mastering Customer Service: How to Choose the Perfect Tools ft. Sasheen Murray

In today’s episode of Real Voices, Amit sits down with industry expert Sasheen Murray, the founder of SJM customer service consultancy, who shares her wealth of knowledge and experience in selecting customer service tools and how to navigate the ever-expanding landscape of tools and technologies, ensuring compatibility and maximizing efficiency.

Sasheen Murray, Founder, SJM Customer Service Consulting Inc.
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Real Voices

Ginzi’s Founder Shares Ultimate Solution For Repetitive Customer Questions

In this episode, Amit sits down with Ben, the founder of Ginzi – a revolutionary tool that takes care of answering repetitive questions, allowing customer support representatives to focus on providing exceptional service. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from an industry expert and take your customer service to the next level!

Ben Jacobs, Founder, Ginzi

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Product Revamp Lingpad 2.0

Design Revamp: Hello 2023 and Lingpad version 2.0!

Lingpad BTS Series: Join us as we take a peek behind the scenes to learn about the latest version – Lingpad 2.0​🎉​
First-hand account from our UI/UX Designer, UI Developer & Angular Developer on revamping a B2B SaaS product.

Localization impacts international revenue growth

How Localization Impacts International Revenue Growth

When a company localizes its products and services, it increases its chances of success and revenue growth. This is because localization helps to improve communication, create trust and meet the needs of target markets. Read on to know more!

Intercom Articles

Launching our Intercom Articles Integration

The easiest way to get your content seen is with Intercom Articles. Lingpad’s integration with Intercom Articles makes localizing it even easier, efficient and economical!

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