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Pricing Designed For All Levels Of Customer Support Localization Needs

Usage-based pricing for support ticket and messaging localization. Whether you are a SMB or a large enterprise, we have the right plan for you.

Support First Fold
First incoming message

Free Language Detection

Lingpad does not charge for language detection associated with the first incoming message.

Yearly billing

Freedom of Usage

Pay-as-You-Grow or Yearly Contracts with Volume Discounts and no monthly limits/caps.

Known Language

Reduce Translation Costs

Lingpad reduces your translation costs by not translating messages in all languages known by an agent.

Support Ticket & Messaging Pricing

A simple, zero-hassle pricing plan to accommodate your growing localization needs without restricting any features.

Supports Zendesk Support, Freshdesk Support, Intercom Inbox, Gorgias and Front with more customer support integrations in the pipeline!

Messaging Pricing

Free Trial For 14 days

Base Pricing US $39/month + Pay-as-you-grow

Volume Pricing Yearly/Volume Contracts

Character/word limit

10,000 words

No limit

No limit


Language Tone Selection

Customizable AI Translation Settings

Agent Level Settings

Advanced Analytics and Dashboard

Automatic Language Detection

Preview Translation Before Sending

Two-way Translation


Configuration from Internal Notes

Sidebar Widget

Dedicated LLM (Lingpad Localization Manager)

Translation Exclusion

Discount Banner

It Pays To Build
Long-term Relationships

Commit to long-term success and unlock exclusive discounted pricing when you commit to using Lingpad for an extended period of time. Invest in seamless customer support localization by prepaying for an entire year, securing substantial savings while ensuring continuous multilingual support excellence.

Committed-use discounts personalized to your localization needs.

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Learn how much you can save with Lingpad based on your unique customer support requirements.


Amount saved monthly


Hours saved monthly

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Multilingual Success: Real-Life Examples Of Brands Delivering Exceptional Customer Support

  • Zendesk SupportZendesk Support
  • 890Avg. Monthly Tickets
  • 75Languages
  • Translation MemoryAI + Human

Rebtel is a Swedish technology reforming international calling by offering high-quality international calling available at optimum prices. The services include International Mobile Top-Up and Money Transfer as well! Needless to say, multilingual customer support is a pivotal part of Rebtel's worldwide success.

  • Zendesk SupportZendesk Support
  • 248Avg. Monthly Tickets
  • 8Languages
  • AI translationAI

Luxreaders is an innovative eCommerce Retail brand that is revolutionizing the way people buy reading glasses. Since all aspects of the business are online: the initial virtual try-on, online vision test as well as a qualified assessment of the their customer's needs; Luxreaders receive considerable amount of customer service tickets.

  • Zendesk SupportZendesk Support
  • 84Avg. Monthly Tickets
  • 7Languages
  • AI translationAI

Leading Fintech company Mokka offers BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) to clients in Central and Eastern Europe. Mokka enables flexible payment solutions for their 12 million registered consumers across 7500 leading merchant partners. Offering multilingual customer service is crucial to their business as they aim to grow into new areas.


If you are on the monthly billing plan, you are most likely on a ‘Pay-As-You-Grow’ Plan. This means that your monthly invoice will vary depending upon your usage.

However, when you subscribe to an annual plan, you get exclusive discounts on translation price plus the app-usage pricing, which means you get more for the same value.

Note: Exceeding the allocated words on annual plans may incur additional charges.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you decide to cancel, you will be able to use your current plan until the end of the billing period.

If your allocated words end before your subscription due date, you will have to pay for the additional words, if there are any, until the renewal date. At this time, it would be ideal to reach out to our sales team and figure out if you need a higher volume of allocated words or would like to be invoiced for the additional words at the base pricing.

The core foundation at Lingpad is to make localization workflows less taxing for our customers. Our migration experts will understand your multilingual customer support strategies in depth, and take care of migrating content from different platforms so that your can access all your multilingual content right from Lingpad. Our migration plan includes integrating existing customer support channels with Lingpad, importing linguistic resources such as Glossary and Translation Memories (TMs) and onboarding key localization stakeholders. The entire process will be completed in three working days.

Lingpad supports 120+ languages for AI-powered translations. Find the full list on our supported languages page.