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Features That Make Providing Multilingual CX Solutions Simple, Quick & Seamless

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AI Translation

Time is of the essence for your customers. Utilize speedy AI translations to fast-track general ticket and knowledge base translations. Lingpad helps you leverage proprietary AI systems to deliver high-quality translations with the option to select tone and scale customer support workflows.

Invite Your Translators

Have in-house or freelance localization partners of your own? Invite unlimited linguists and localization collaborators to collaboratively work on multiple localization projects on a single platform.

Translation Providers

Cater to your customers' disparate language requirements and help them expand their global language portfolio with our trusted ISO-certified Language Service Providers.




Holistic features to streamline workflow for multiple projects. Utilize the pre-translation through TM or AI to pre-fill segments. Reduce time-to-market for your clients while saving on costs!


The user-friendly and collaborative interface allows your team to provide feedback and communicate clearly with localization partners in 'comments'. Invite your clients to manage and proofread translations.


Add multiple reference files and guidelines to each client's specific projects to help translators get the context right and maintain brand tone across all support platforms.


Translation Memory (TM)

Create client-specific TMs for all your clients' projects or global TMs specific to your agency and add repeated translations. Ensure translation efficiency while saving on time and costs.


Safeguard your clients' unique voice with extensive glossaries! Maintain glossaries to ensure industry and brand-specific consistency in every customer-engagement communication.


Catch translation inconsistencies in real-time with automated quality assurance (QA) and ensure quality translation and localization outputs in all languages.

What Can We Do For Agencies

When agencies choose Lingpad as their multilingual solution of choice, it’s crucial that we support the excellent work they do for their clients. We offer specialized resources depending on your team’s needs, a dedicated Lingpad Localization Manager* (LLM), and additional components to help provide a thorough understanding of our product.

*Charges for a dedicated LLM:


For Customer Service Agencies:

Discounted rate!

To learn more about how we can assist you in making localization a breeze for your clientele, reach out to our Director of Partnerships and Sales:

Announcement: Our Partnership with Premium Plus

We're thrilled to announce that we're partnering with Premium Plus to bring you the best customer experience solutions. Premium Plus will equip brands with the right processes, tools, and set-up to deliver exceptional customer service; while we will take care of streamlining and supercharging your localization processes!

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Launch Swift, Accurate, And Seamless Multilingual Knowledge Bases For Global Clients

Witness how help-center localization can positively influence your customers’ growth worldwide. With Lingpad, helping your brands connect with a global audience and reach new markets takes all but a single click.

Multilingual Knowledge Base



With Lingpad, TruTrip imported over a hundred articles in multiple languages with a single click, fast-tracked the knowledge base localization process and reduced time to publish.

Multilingual Customer Support Sorted: Respond Regionally. Grow Your Clientele Globally.

Watch your clients’ CSAT Scores skyrocket by providing multilingual customer service in any language your client communicates in. Higher customer engagement and retention for your clients, scaling growth for you.

Support Tickets



Rebtel saw an increase of 7.5% in their CSAT score and a 100% growth in multilingual ticket volume.

Streamlined Workflow To Make Digital Customer Experience Management Efficient & Effective

Optimized localization workflows from a single dashboard to achieve 5x increase in efficiency.

Monitor Progress

Get a bird's eye view of all your multilingual customer service projects, and view how many words are translated, approved and yet to be translated.

Translation Workflow

Track the real-time translation status of each Category/Collection, Section/Folder, and Articles with statuses that help you determine whether a translation is in progress or has been approved.

Track KPIs

Track CX KPI goals and impact, such as average resolution time, through periodic reports and smart dashboards.

Language Analytics

Analyze the languages in which your client received the most tickets over a certain period of time, and share language patterns and insights with your client.

Access Management

Assign varied access to team members — from admins to agents — depending on project requirements.

The Secure Localization Partner For Customer-Centric Brands

Lingpad upholds the highest global standards for privacy, security, and quality.

Security - ISO

ISO 27001 and ISO 27017

Security - HIPAA

HIPAA Compliant

Security - Privacy shield

EU-US Privacy Shield Framework Compliant

Security - GDPR

GDPR Compliant

Security - PCI DSS

PCI DSS Compliant Payment Processing

Consistent CX Solutions: In Every Industry, Region, CX Tool, and Language.

No matter the industry your clients are in, customer service is impactful when it is personalized. Streamline your customer experience solutions with Lingpad – a translation management system designed to support CX services.

Lingpad upholds the highest global standards for privacy, security, and quality.

Retail and eCommerce

Help your retail and eCommerce clients be 'trendy' forever by offering their clients' a seamless local shopping and customer service experience.

Travel and Tourism

Skyrocket your travel and tourism brands' clientele by helping them provide insightful information in global languages and curate personalized travel experiences.

SaaS and Tech

Assist your SaaS and Tech brands launch their exceptional product in global regions and help deliver exceptional customer support in all languages.


Unlock new levels of achievement! Aid Gaming brands win brand loyalty among worldwide players with high-quality and quick multilingual customer support.

Financial Services

Support Finance brands target worldwide audiences by simplifying 'wealth management' - the concept they are fluent in - in the language their customers are most fluent in.

Medicine and Healthcare

Provide exceptional multilingual solutions to Medicine and Healthcare brands by assisting them in delivering accurate support and diagnoses to their patients.

Education and eLearning

Help your Ed and eLearning brands educate curious minds and rank first globally by providing accurate multilingual customer service to global learners.

Media and Entertainment

Empower Media and Entertainment brands to deliver accurate customer support while successfully transmitting region-specific news and entertainment content to global audiences.

Border-free Communication: Multichannel Support in 120+ Languages

Provide exceptional Multilingual Customer Service across Chat, E-mail, Social Media, Help Center and more.

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