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Intercom Articles Integration

Intercom Articles Localization
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An agile Intercom integration that helps you deliver an exceptional self-service experience in any language with optimal efficiency.

Leading Brands Rely On Lingpad To Accelerate Multilingual Help Center Localization

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Intercom Knowledge Base Localization
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4 Simple Steps.

A single, automated workflow to un-complicate every touch-point of your Intercom Articles localization journey. Deploy Lingpad integration to deliver high-quality content seamlessly in just four steps!

Intercom connect

Intercom pull


Intercom push

Intercom Knowledge Base Localization Boosted In 4 Simple Steps.

Intercom connect


Connect the relevant Intercom Articles workspace with Lingpad. To get started, log in to Lingpad, create your Intercom Articles Integration project, and authorize access. Say hello to seamless localization workflows!

Intercom pull


Import existing content from Intercom Articles with or without translations. Control which content to import with the manual-pull feature. Choose the 'automatic-pull' feature to update your knowledge base articles even when you are off the clock. Let Lingpad work for you.

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Localize your knowledge base articles with unrestricted freedom. Choose AI-powered translations, invite internal or external translation providers and localization managers, or use our cherry-picked ISO-certified Language Service Providers.

Intercom push


Full freedom to export just one article in one language as soon as the translations are approved or multiple articles. The translated articles will reflect the status on Intercom. Still in drafts? We will keep it there. Published? Yay! One less task for you.

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With Lingpad, VEO imported over a hundred articles in multiple languages with a single click, fast-tracked the knowledge base localization process and reduced time to publish.

Streamline your localization process with exemplary features. Automated. Powerful. YOU-centric.

Automate seamless knowledge base localization with Lingpad’s YOU-centric features. Expand your presence in new regions without draining your resources, productivity and time.

Automated + Centralized

Latest versions of your knowledge base articles in every language are synced with a single click. Utilize the auto-pull feature to facilitate automated content exchange between Intercom and Lingpad. Goodbye, manual input and chances of error.

Multiple Content Types

Translate and localize multiple content types residing in your Intercom Articles workspace including:

  • Collections
  • Sections
  • Articles

High-Quality Translations

Streamline your localization process with exemplary features such as translation memories, glossaries, QA checks, and a built-in editor. As a result, brand communication stays consistent and accurate in all languages, productivity increases, time to launch in new markets reduces, and you save on translation costs.

Collaborate Across Teams

Unrestricted access to add members to your translation team on Lingpad centralizes your localization workflow. Invite internal as well as external translators and localization partners to work in perfect sync. You could also choose from our trusted, ISO-certified Language Service Providers who are experts in your industry, customers' native tongue and culture.


With the freedom to pre-translate your knowledge base articles via Translation Memories or AI-powered translations, you can take your translations from being a cost to a resource. With Lingpad's intuitive Pre-translation feature save on translation costs in the long run.

Real-Time Translation Status Updates

Stay on top of all your localization processes in a single place with real-time translation status updates. Lingpad detects minute changes in every article and automatically highlights the current status i.e. the segments that require translations or revisions; within the Languages tab.

Localize Media Content

Localize multiple types of images that reside in your knowledge base, from product demo screenshots to CTA banners. With Lingpad, you can also translate Custom Design Templates and Hyperlinks.

Multilingual SEO

Ensure higher ranking in web searches by localizing your help-center article's Title, Meta description, and Alt tags. This assures that images and content are optimized to gain greater visibility irrespective of the language.

Safe, Reliable, And Secure.

When it comes to secure localization management for your knowledge base articles hosted on Intercom, we have got you covered.

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World's Leading Brands Use Lingpad To Provide Exceptional Customer Experiences

  • IntercomIntercom Articles
  • 63Articles
  • 4Languages
  • Translation MemoryAI + Human

LOQED is a Netherlands-based innovative brand revolutionising keyless smart lock for European doors. With home security linked to bluetooth and virtual networks as their core offering, it was crucial that LOQED's help center articles was accessible to Europe's diverse population. To achieve the multilingual journey efficient and streamlined, LOQED has partnered with Lingpad to localize their comprehensive knowledge base.

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We Support All Languages Your Customers Communicate In

Customer Service Communication

We Support All Languages Your Customers Communicate In

Deliver great multilingual customer service with localized help center articles. Translate your Intercom Articles workspace to attract and retain customers from around the world.
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • & more

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