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Get human-like AI translation of your content with our cost-effective pricing plans. Localize 40+ file types and formats swiftly with utmost accuracy and reliability.

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Document Translation Pricing Plans

Our subscription plans offer flexibility to pay as you grow to accommodate your growing translation needs with our limitless features.

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Free 14 days Trial + No Credit Card Required

Avail a 14-day free trial of our pro plan and get 10,000 AI credits Free to explore how Lingpad can help maximize the efficiency of your translation workflows. Discover the benefits of our zero-hassle plan and experience the seamless localization that saves you time, effort, and translation costs. Start Your Trial Today! Sign Up Now! No Credit Card Required.

Note: The free trial ends after either the 14-day period or the completion of 10,000 AI-translated words, whichever happens first.


Subscribe to Growth plan to enhance your translation workflows and get instant, accurate localization.

$44 per month + Pay-as-you-go AI Credits

$37 /month

$528 $440 /year

+ Pay-as-you-go AI Credits

Features you'll love:
Security and Compliance


Pro subscribers get AI-first features to fine-tune their translations with improved quality.

$64 per month + Pay-as-you-go AI Credits

$54 /month

$768 $640 /year

+ Pay-as-you-go AI Credits

Everything in Growth, plus:
Security and Compliance

Confused between what’s the right plan for you? Have question about Growth and Pro plans? Book a personalized demo.

Never Let Your Translation Cycle Break with AI Credits

AI credits are like the translation currency within Lingpad. These AI credits auto-update to ensure your translation cycle never breaks. (1 word translation consumes 1 AI credit.)



AI Credits


0.007 /Word



AI Credits


0.006 /Word
Save 14.28%



AI Credits


0.005 /Word
Save 28.57%

Need more credits?

Contact Sales and get more discounts on volume purchases.

How to Translate Your Files and Documents with Lingpad?

Step1-create project

Step2-Upload Files

Step3-Translate Files

Step4-edit files

Step1-create project

Create a Project

Log in to your Lingpad account and create a file-type project. Enter the project name, source language, and target language(s) while creating the translation project.

Upload Files

From your project screen, open Cabinet and click the Add Translatable File(s) button to upload files or drag and drop them there. Configure your files to complete the upload.

Step3-Translate Files

Translate Your Files

Once uploaded and configured, navigate to the translate tab. Select the documents and languages for translation and click on the Translate button.

Step4-edit files

Edit Your Translation

Open any language from the Languages tab and click on any translated document. It'll open in editor to make necessary changes yourself or ask a translator or proofreader to do so.

Step5-Download File

Download Translated Files

To download and share your translated files with your team, click on the three-dot icon of the respective document from the Languages module and then click Download Translation.

Why You Should Trust and Choose Lingpad for Multilingual Support

Lingpad helps you maximize efficiency by saving time and cutting costs, while significantly improving customer satisfaction and loyalty with instant and accurate human-like AI translations.

Time Saving

Save Time

Get instant, on-brand translations within seconds! With our finely-tuned AI engines, multilingual customer service is a breeze, just like having a language expert at your fingertips.

Resource Saving

Maximize Efficiency

Transform your CX team into superheroes! With Lingpad, one agent can handle the work of five, faster. Less training, more savings. Ready to unleash the power of efficiency?

Cost Saving

Cost Savings

Lingpad brings human-level accuracy with top-notch translation engines, helping you cut localization expenses by a third. Consider your budget rescued - you’re welcome world!

Secure, Superior and Dependable

Lingpad adheres to strict security standards and protects our company’s and clients’ valuable information.

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Customer-preferred Localization Tool

We are rated high on G2, Zendesk, and many other platforms for our ease of use and setup.

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We offer a 14-day free trial of Lingpad’s Pro plan for file and document translation. After the trial expires, your subscription to the chosen Lingpad plan will start.

Lingpad supports 120+ global languages for translation. You can browse source and target languages when creating a file-type translation project.

With the annual billing cycle, you get 2 months free. This means you only have to pay for 10 months, and 2 months are on us. For example, when you pay $44 * 10 months = $440, your plan will stay active for 12 months.

Yes. The monthly subscription charge covers the platform’s uptime costs. You’d have to purchase AI credits separately to translate your files and documents to the desired target languages. 1 word translation consumes 1 AI credit. (1AI Credit = 1 AI Word)

AI credits you have purchased will roll over to the next month or billing cycle. If your subscription to Lingpad ends next month or in the next billing cycle, you won’t be able to utilize the remaining AI credits. You can only use them if you subscribe again. Please note that the remaining AI credit balance out of the 10,000 you got in the free trial will expire once the trial ends.

Your Lingpad subscription will auto-renew monthly or yearly, depending on your billing cycle. The AI credits you purchase will auto-update whenever they drop to 10% of your AI credits plan.

Let’s say you upload a source file containing 200 words. You are in the process of translating it into 5 target languages.
The words for the AI translation will be 200 x 5 = 1000 (i.e. number of words x number of target languages, considering no TM is used).
Your words for AI translation are calculated in this manner. Since 1 AI word translation consumes 1 AI credit, you will be charged 1000 AI credits.

64% Customers Expect Native Language Support. Meet Their Expectations Effortlessly with Lingpad.

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