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Support Tickets

AI Translation: USD 0.005/word

What's included
Language detection
Response Translation Options

AI or Human

Formal/Informal Tone Selection for AI
Auto Response
Custom Tags
Access Control for Agents

Premium Support


Help Center KB
Help Center Integration​

Hosting Cost: USD 0.0012/word

What's included
Freedom to Pull Selected Articles
Auto Pull Articles


Supported Content

All Types

Media Localization Support
Metadata and Alt tag Translation
Multilingual SEO
Freedom to Push Selected Articles
Freedom to Push Selected Articles
  • Articles Status Management

  • Organization

  • Projects

  • Hosted Words

  • Users

  • Type of Users

  • AI Translation

  • Translation Memory

  • Glossary

  • QA Checks

  • Screenshots

  • References

  • XLIFF Support

  • Pre Translations

  • Invoice Billing

  • High Volume Discount

  • Premium Support

  • Slack Support Channel

  • File Formats

  • Collaborative Online Editor

  • Google SSO

  • Formal/Informal Tone Selection for AI

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Billed monthly

World's Leading Brands Use Lingpad To Provide Exceptional Customer Experiences

  • Zendesk supportZendesk Support
  • 890Avg. Monthly Tickets
  • 75Languages
  • Translation MemoryAI + Human

Rebtel is a Swedish technology reforming international calling by offering high-quality international calling available at optimum prices. The services include International Mobile Top-Up and Money Transfer as well! Needless to say, multilingual customer support is a pivotal part of Rebtel's worldwide success.

  • Zendesk supportZendesk Support
  • 248Avg. Monthly Tickets
  • 8Languages
  • AI translationAI

Luxreaders is an innovative eCommerce Retail brand that is revolutionizing the way people buy reading glasses. Since all aspects of the business are online: the initial virtual try-on, online vision test as well as a qualified assessment of the their customer's needs; Luxreaders receive considerable amount of customer service tickets.

  • Zendesk supportZendesk Support
  • 84Avg. Monthly Tickets
  • 7Languages
  • AI translationAI

Leading Fintech company Mokka offers BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) to clients in Central and Eastern Europe. Mokka enables flexible payment solutions for their 12 million registered consumers across 7500 leading merchant partners. Offering multilingual customer service is crucial to their business as they aim to grow into new areas.

  • Zendesk guideZendesk Guide
  • 194Articles
  • 4Languages
  • Translation MemoryAI + Human

Veo is a groundbreaking Tech brand passionately working to make sports recording technology affordable and accessible to all. With a presence in over 80 countries, Veo's expansive knowledge base articles also needed to be accessible to members of the Veo community. What better way to make help center articles accessible than to make them available in the relevant target languages!

  • Zendesk guideZendesk Guide
  • 584Articles
  • 7Languages
  • Translation MemoryAI + Human

TruTrip is an innovative business travel management company making business travel accessible and straightforward. With cutting-edge travel technology, consumer-grade designs, complete visibility over trips, spending, and expenses, businesses are able to optimise and automate their travel booking processes using TruTrip's platform. Making their holistic knowledge base multilingual is crucial to engage varied audiences - and Lingpad is helping them do just that!

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If you have a saved card in your Lingpad account, the amount (calculated based on the number of hosted words)  will be auto-debited from that card. If you don’t have a saved card in your account, you’ll receive a message to add a card. You also have the option to pay via Bank Transfer. Just let your Sales Representative know if that is your preferred payment method, and we will send you an invoice at the end of each month.
Let’s say you upload a source file containing 200 words. You are in the process of translating it into 4 languages. The source language is considered as 1 language and the number of target languages is 4, hence the number of languages is 5. The hosted words for the day will be 200 x 5 = 1000 (i.e. no. of words x no. of languages including the source language and target languages). Your hosted words are calculated in this manner on a per-day basis. At the end of the month, the hosted words for each day are added up to estimate the hosted words for the month. Note: Hosted words are calculated only for file-based and help-center integration projects.
Lingpad doesn’t put any restrictions on the features. So, your team can utilise all features that Lingpad has to offer as soon as you sign up!

We accept card payments as well as bank transfers. If you have any questions regarding the current methods of payment we accept or would like to use another method, please write to our finance team at hello@lingpad.com.

After your 14-day free trial ends, Lingpad starts charging you on a monthly basis. Please note that while we count the number of hosted words per day, you’ll be billed on a monthly basis.