Zendesk Support Integration

Zendesk Ticket Translations For Global Customer Support

Provide support in your customers’ native languages with the Lingpad app for Zendesk.

Boost Your CSAT Scores With A Multilingual Customer Support Solution

The Lingpad app has been developed keeping an enterprise’s needs in mind. So, from account management to reports, Lingpad helps your support team go multilingual – efficiently and effortlessly.


Custom Reports For Impact Analysis

Track goals and impact through Lingpad’s periodic reports including:

  • Language trends
  • Weekly ticket frequency
  • Popular languages

Global View & Access Management

Admin access enables you to track activity and streamline processes for every team member:

  • Manage all agents’ accounts on a single dashboard
  • Track all your agents’ translation orders

Translation Glossary For A Consistent Brand Tone

Share a set of brand guidelines and Lingpad will ensure that your brand voice stays consistent across all languages while your agents’ communicate with your customers.

Translation Memory For Saving Costs

Build and maintain a custom translation memory with Lingpad so you save money by using previous translations for the same terms and phrases.

Get The Best Of Both - AI And Human Translations

The Lingpad app for Zendesk combines the power of machine and human translations. Add to this some powerful features, and customer agents have a smart solution for providing seamless multilingual support.

AI-Powered Translations For Quick Responses

Don't let your customers wait. With Lingpad, you can choose AI-powered translations and respond in a flash.

Zendesk app human or ai translation

Dual Tabs To Check Order Status

Stop scrolling endlessly. See everything at a glance with a two-part view of all your translation orders for any ticket.

All Orders

Don't Miss Any Update With Live In-App Notifications

Live statuses in the app tell you when a translation's in progress or completed.

Live In-app notification

Reduce Dependency With Auto Reply

Avoid delays in responses when you are away from your desk. Auto-reply helps you send translated responses automatically, without any manual input.

Zendesk Translation In 180+ Global Languages

Customer Service Communication

Zendesk Translation In 180+ Global Languages

Aim for the perfect CSAT scores by communicating with your customers in more than 180 languages.

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Tamil
  • & more

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