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Exceptional Glossary To Uplift Your Brand's Communication Ecosystem

With Lingpad, brands can implement glossary terminologies across all content types and for both human and AI-powered translations. Your multilingual communication will always be what you define it to be.

Multilingual Brands Who Maintain 'On-Brand Communication' with lingpad

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Glossary Features Built To Make Your Localization Easy

All taxing localization workflows have one common component – the need for clarity.

Lingpad’s Glossary feature is designed to eliminate guesswork and make your translations on-point in every language; minus the ceaseless admin.

Source Text

Glossary Add Term

Glossary Part of Speech

Glossary Description

Glossary Image

Glossary Add Term


The brand or industry-specific term that needs to be consistent in all your customer service communication

Glossary Part of Speech

Part of Speech

Assign the relevant grammatical property so that your translations are accurate in terms of syntax and grammer.

Glossary Description


Define and add details so that the translator or our smart AI tool knows the context.

Glossary Image


A picture is worth a thousand words - why not add a reference image to guarantee clarity and understanding?

Target Text

Target term
Target Term (s)​

The well-defined translations taking into account all the contextual information.

Translations for multiple languages can be added to a single term within the same glossary.

The fully-integrated glossary experience unlike others

With Lingpad, you never have to compromise on consistency in your brand communication – whether you choose human or AI-powered translations! Your up-to-date terminology assets will be implemented across available language pair translations.

Human-powered Translations

Terms that exist in the glossary will be automatically highlighted in the source text segment

On clicking the term, all information will come up for the relevant language pair

Click on the contextually-accurate term entry, and the corresponding target term will be added to the relevant target text segment

Human-powered Translations

Human Translation Glossary

AI-powered Translations

AI Glossary

AI-powered Translations

Terms that exist in the glossary will be automatically highlighted in the source text segment and detected by our proprietary AI tool

Based on syntax and grammatical context, Lingpad's smart AI tool selects the most relevant term entry

The corresponding target term will be added to the relevant target text segment

The Unified Glossary Suite You Never Knew You Needed

Our USP?
Glossary is supported for both human and AI-powered translations on Lingpad. ​

Centralize, share and implement terminology assets across all 'types of content' — from files to support tickets and knowledge base integrations — from our single, secure, online interface.

Unlimited Benefits, Unlimited opportunities

Accelerate your global expansion and scale your customer support workflows with multilingual glossaries of terms. 

Glossary Migration

Have A Pre-existing glossary or wish to create a new one?

Our dedicated Lingpad Localization Manager (LLM) will handle that for you. From creating and setting up brand-new glossaries to migrating existing ones, we take care of everything so you can focus on adding value to your customers’ experience. Assure translation consistency from day one! 

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Want To Save 57% On Translation Costs And Improve Consistency By 73%?

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