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Gorgias X Lingpad AI
For Scaling Multilingual Customer Support

Integrate Gorgias with Lingpad to deliver on-brand, AI-powered customer support in 120+ languages. Boost CSAT scores without investing additional Time, Resources or Costs.

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Powering Multilingual Help Desk For
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Created For Customer-centric Brands

Become multilingual in minutes with Lingpad for Gorgias – the AI-powered, automation-driven localization powerhouse. The ultimate localization tool built for customer-centric brands.

AI Powered

Automated. AI-powered.

Say goodbye to manual input, errors and delays! Deliver quick, AI-powered customer support in any language. Lower average resolution time (ART) instantly.


Brand-specific Communication, Always.

YOU-centric features such as Translation Memories, Glossaries, and Tone Selection to ensure consistency in brand tone in all languages.



Eliminate the need to hire and train resources when expanding to new regions. Localize all support channels just by adding a new language.

Human Like AI

Human-like AI

Lingpad AI has been trained with billions of human-translated words to render precise multilingual customer service in a matter of seconds.

No Code

No-code integration

Lingpad's no-code integration for Gorgias allows you to offer localized customer service to global audiences and reach new markets in a single click.

Pay as you grow

Pay as you grow

A simple, zero-hassle plan to access all our features. You pay for what you use – nothing more. Hello, uninhibited localization efforts!



We are ISO-certified, GDPR-compliant and have implemented stringent safeguards that ensures data privacy and security.

Premium Support

Premium Support

A dedicated Lingpad Localization Manager (LLM) to act as your support system as you take your multilingual customer service to the top.

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Lingpad integrates easily with our CRM system, allowing us to translate messages from customers in any language and send replies directly. Our team has been able to improve efficiency and respond accurately.

Why Use Lingpad For Gorgias?

Providing support in your customers’ preferred language has never been easier! Deliver a seamless, personalized experience to your global customers, no matter where they are – boosted with the power of automation.



Multi Channel Support

Supported Languages


Dashboard and Analytics

Get a bird's eye view of all your projects and keep track of KPI goals and impact with smart dashboards.



Lingpad upholds the highest global standards for privacy, security, and quality.

Gorgias Multi Channel

Multi-channel Support

Ensure consistent omnichannel experience with accurate multilingual communication without missing a beat!



Enhance translation accuracy and maintain brand consistency with Lingpad's inclusive Glossary.

Tone Selection

Tone Selection

Reflect your desired tone and style, and ensure impactful multilingual communication with tone selection.

Supported Languages

Supported Languages

Break language barriers effortlessly with Lingpad AI. We support over 120 languages for AI-powered translation.

Discover Our Product in Action

Take a guided tour of Lingpad’s integration with Gorgias

Interested To Know How Much You Can Save With Lingpad?

Learn how much you can save with Lingpad based on your unique customer support requirements.


Amount saved monthly


Hours saved monthly

See How Lingpad Can Work For YOU

Book a demo to see first-hand how Lingpad can make your customer service localization a breeze!

Are You Looking For A Worry-free Migration?

Our team takes care of your customized, all-round migration journey from start to finish so that you can focus on adding value to your customers’ experience with your brand. Simplify migration at zero additional fees!

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Our migration experts will understand your multilingual customer support strategies in depth, and take care of migrating content from different platforms so that your can access all your multilingual content right from Lingpad.

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With the power of automation and human expertise, we streamline your multilingual communication — including TMs and Glossary — for all mediums by migrating every workflow to Lingpad. This will be a continual process with regular syncs and updates.

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Our experts ensure your customer service tool integrations are up and running, existing collaborators are given access permissions and perform extensive QA processes from start to finish. This entire process will be completed in three working days.


Intercom supports multiple languages for Inbox. See how you can add languages to your Intercom dashboard here and to your Lingpad X Intercom project here.

Lingpad is the ideal app for customer service translation and Intercom localization. With Lingpad, you can deliver real-time translations facilitated by machine translation engines — trained by the best human and AI-powered systems — to render precise multilingual customer service in a matter of seconds.

Intercom supports multiple languages for Articles and Inbox. See the full list of supported languages here.

Integrate Intercom with Lingpad in a single click. Learn how by visiting our help center articles.

Intercom Inbox: Read help center article or watch on YouTube

Multilingual service is easy with Lingpad X Intercom plugins.

Intercom supports multiple languages for customer service translation. View the full list here.

Customer service that is offered by a company in various languages as part of the entire customer experience is known as multilingual support. For frictionless interaction between global customers and customer service agents, brands should use an app for translations — like Lingpad — to facilitate live translation and localization services.

Lingpad Translate App For Intercom allows real-time translation between customers and agents. With built-in automation and AI translation, you can take your Intercom translation strategies to the next level.

Avail a 14-day free trial along with 10,000 AI-powered translated words when you first sign up with Lingpad. After which, you will be charged a base price of:

Lingpad App: US $24.99/month
AI-powered translation: US $ 0.005/word

For volume pricing discount, please contact our sales team.

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