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Zendesk Guide Localization To Empower Your Customers, Agents And Brand

Zendesk Guide translation to advance self-service. No more waiting customers. No more time-constrained agents. No more hassles. Only seamless localization experiences – for everyone.

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World's Leading Brands Trust Lingpad To Create Exceptional 'Self-Service' Experiences

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Zendesk Guide Localization Simplified With Three Steps

Do your Zendesk Guide translations reside in Google sheets, Excel, or Word files? Not anymore! With Lingpad’s Zendesk Guide Integration, you automatically bring the latest versions of every help-center article, in every language to a single source of truth. Eliminate manual tasks and improve efficiency while reducing chances of error.

ZD guide pull content


Zendesk Push Content

How It Works

ZD guide pull content


Import existing content from Zendesk with or without translations. Control which content to import with manual-pull feature. Choose the 'automatic-pull' feature to update your knowledge base articles even when you are off the clock. Let Lingpad work for you.

Zendesk guide


Localize your knowledge base articles with unrestricted freedom. Choose AI-powered translations, invite internal or external translation providers and localization managers, or use our cherry-picked ISO-certified Language Service Providers.

Zendesk Guide Push Content


Export your localized content back to Zendesk with zero complications or doubts. Publish translated articles as the translations are approved by exporting the relevant article. The translated articles will reflect the current status on Zendesk Guide. Still in drafts? We will keep it there. Published? Yay! One less task for you.

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With Lingpad, VEO imported over a hundred articles in multiple languages with a single click, fast-tracked the knowledge base localization process and reduced time to publish.

Multilingual Customer Support Made Easy And Systematic With Features Built For The Future

Localization of a comprehensive knowledge base is taxing. With Lingpad’s smart features, management of wide-scale help-center localization becomes effortless.

Centralized Content Management

Streamline workflow with easy content exchange. Import and export up-to-date versions of your knowledge base articles with a single click. Utilize the auto-pull feature to eliminate the manual, repetitive task of importing the latest version of your articles. No more sharing of multiple drafts and revisions over emails!

Collaborate Across Teams

Unrestricted freedom to choose your translation team! Invite collaborators across your organization, external translators and localization partners to localize at one place. You could also choose from our trusted, ISO-certified Language Service Providers who are experts in your industry, customers' native tongue and culture.

High-Quality Translations

Gain unrestricted access to advanced features such as translation memories, glossaries, QA checks, and a built-in editor to be consistent and accurate with all your communications. Nothing will be lost in translation here.

Multiple Content Types

Translate and localize multiple content types including:

  • Categories
  • Sections
  • Articles
  • HBS Files
  • Dynamic Content

Localize Media Content

Localize multiple types of images that reside in your knowledge base, from product demo screenshots to CTA banners. With Lingpad, you can also translate Custom Design Templates and Hyperlinks.

Real-Time Translation Status Updates

Stay on top of all your localization processes in a single place with real-time translation status updates. Lingpad detects minute changes in every article and automatically highlights the current status i.e. the segments that require translations or revisions; within the Languages tab.


Lingpad's intuitive Pre-translation feature can take your translations from being a cost to a resource. With the freedom to pre-translate your knowledge base articles via Translation Memories or AI-powered translations, brands can save on translation costs in the long run.

Multilingual SEO

Gain greater visibility in every region by localizing your help-center article's Title, Meta description, and Alt tags. Alt tag localization assures that your image and content is optimized to organically-rank higher in all languages.

Safe, Reliable, And Secure. Worry-free Zendesk knowledge base localization assured.

When it comes to secure localization management for your knowledge base articles hosted on Zendesk, we have got you covered.

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World's Leading Brands Use Lingpad To Provide Exceptional Customer Experiences

  • Zendesk GuideZendesk Guide
  • 194Articles
  • 4Languages
  • Translation MemoryAI + Human

Veo is a groundbreaking Tech brand passionately working to make sports recording technology affordable and accessible to all. With a presence in over 80 countries, Veo's expansive knowledge base articles also needed to be accessible to members of the Veo community. What better way to make help center articles accessible than to make them available in the relevant target languages!

  • Zendesk GuideZendesk Guide
  • 584Articles
  • 7Languages
  • Translation MemoryAI + Human

TruTrip is an innovative business travel management company making business travel accessible and straightforward. With cutting-edge travel technology, consumer-grade designs, complete visibility over trips, spending, and expenses, businesses are able to optimise and automate their travel booking processes using TruTrip's platform. Making their holistic knowledge base multilingual is crucial to engage varied audiences - and Lingpad is helping them do just that!

Listen In: Real Voices of Customer Service Leaders

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Can AI and Human Collaboration Redefine Customer Communication? In Conversation with Mervi from Klaus

Dive into the AI dilemma with Mervi Sepp Rei(PhD) from Klaus on “Real Voices – Customer Service Season 2.” Discover the evolution of AI in customer communication, Mervi’s fascinating journey, and Klaus’ innovative approach to multilingual messaging. Uncover the delicate dance between machines and decisions in this insightful podcast episode.

Mervi Sepp Rei (PhD), Head of ML & Data, Klaus

Zendesk Multi-Language Help-Center Creation Simplified

Customer Service Communication

Zendesk Multi-Language
Help-Center Creation

Deliver exceptional customer experience with the help of a localized knowledge base. Translate all articles in your relevant Zendesk Guide languages — automatically pulled with a single click — to engage and retain global customers.
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Swedish
  • & more

Customer support articles on Zendesk. Translation Management on Lingpad.

Book a free demo to learn how to integrate your Zendesk Guide with Lingpad or with the help of our knowledge base article.