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Empower your monolingual agents to provide the best support experience in every customer’s native language.

Enterprise-Level Support Localization,
Enterprise-Level Costs

Lingpad is every customer support manager’s or CXO’s dream come true. The platform’s flexibility
allows it to grow, as and when you do.

CS - AI + Human 1

AI + Human = Intelligent Translations

Choose how you wish to localize your support communication - through AI or expert linguists. This flexibility helps you manage your budget and turnaround time.

CS - Quick & Efficient 1

Quick And Efficient Translations

More than 1/3rd of global leaders cite bilingual recruiting as the barrier to multilingual customer support. Modern-day companies choose Lingpad for localizing their support as it’s a smart platform that takes minutes to deploy.

CS - Workflow

Support Workflows And Access

Set support workflows by managing customer agents’ accounts and their access - all in a single admin view.

Reports & Analysis

Reports and Analysis

View analytics and reports that show you which languages are popular among your customers, regions your support teams has reached with the help of translations, and more.

CS - Budget Friendly


Build and maintain a translation memory (TM) so you don’t get the same term or phrase translated again. Use previous translations from the memory to save costs and time.

Multilingual Customer Support, In Minutes

Lingpad’s platform is designed to increase customer support agents’ productivity so they can focus on helping customers make the best use of your product or service.

CS - Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency

Build and share a custom translation glossary - a set of guidelines so all your support communication represents your brand accurately.

Real time updates

Real-time Updates

Eliminate frequent check-ins and status meetings. Always be on top of your translation orders with live in-app notifications.

CS - Automation (auto pilot)

Auto-Pilot Mode

Whether you’re away from your desk or busy with resolving another issue, don’t make your customers wait. Turn on auto-reply to send responses automatically when they're translated.

Omni-Channel Customer Support Translations

From support ticket translations to translating help center, FAQs, guides, and more – Lingpad has got you covered.

CS - Support Tickets

Support Tickets

CS - Emails


CS - Macros/Snippets




CS - Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

CS - Manuals


CS - Guides


Lingpad Slides Right Into Your Support Tech Stack

Integrate Lingpad with your favorite customer support tools and platforms to provide seamless multilingual support to your customers.

Knowledge Base, FAQs, Guides, Manuals

Begin Communicating With Customers In 180+ Languages Now!

Customer Service Communication

Begin Communicating With Customers In 180+ Languages Now!

Provide support in all the major and minor languages spoken by your customers around the world.

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Tamil
  • & more

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