How Localization Impacts International Revenue Growth

Localization impacts international revenue growth

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How do you define good customer service?

It’s simple. You don’t.

Your job is to make as many efforts as you can to cater to your customers. It’s the customers who identify your service as good or bad. All you can do is keep working till (and even after) they give you a 5/5 rating and a sweet, little appreciation review.

Now, the question is how to make your business a 5/5 rating machine in every market. Business localization is one solid way to do that!

In this blog post, we’re going to cover how brand localization impacts your business and international revenue growth. Off we go!

Fun Fact
More than 50% of Google searches are done in languages other than English.
Source: Internet world stats

What is Brand Localization?

Localizing your brand identity simply means transforming your business into a language your target audience speaks. Businesses must take care of their overall linguistic structure when localizing – verbally and textually.

Brand localization is the stone companies often leave unturned in their customer support system. Even if they try, they often struggle to flip this “localization stone” successfully and fail to make a fortune out of it.

What All Should Brands Localize?

  1. The entire company website
  2. Company’s social media handles
  3. Customer service; help desk, chat support, and customer calls, etc.
  4. Marketing campaigns

Industries actively working on localization include SaaS, eCommerce, travelling, rent-stays, etc.

Localization is not same as translation

How Localization Helps You Boost International Revenue Growth

The goal of any business is to boost international revenue growth. Listed below are things you can achieve by localizing your business to your target group’s language and culture.

1. Makes your business stand out

Localization helps your business stand out, both locally as well as internationally. Suppose, you’re entering an international market where your giant competitors aren’t very active.

Or maybe they’re failing to win the market. You can instantly grab this opportunity by speaking the language that the local customers do.

Communicating with your customers in their language would make you relatable. Relatability induces trust, trust encourages purchases, and that’s how you boost your business revenue eventually!

Language fact
Source: LinkedIn

2. Boosts your CSAT score

CSAT, or Customer Satisfaction score, tells you how your customers perceive your business and if they’re satisfied with your product or service.

Imagine when your customers interact with your customer service team and aren’t fluent in your business’s default language. How inconvenient would it be for them to grasp what you are communicating?

Now, think about the bond you will make with your customers when your support agents talk to them in their native language. How relieved and confident would your customers feel?

After being heard and solving their issues, they will likely leave positive feedback for your business.

This is how localized customer experience can boost your authority, win customers’ trust, and thus maximize your overall CSAT score.

CSAT Score Calculation

3. Higher customer loyalty, lower churn rate

According to a survey conducted by Intercom, 70% of end users feel more loyal to a company if they provide support in their native language. Also, 67% will switch brands because of poor customer service.

These two stats prove the significance of multilingual customer support and localization in a business.

More loyal customers >> lower customer onboarding costs >> maximum business revenue.

4. Leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Even in the digital age, word-of-mouth works like a charm. When a person recommends a product, other people get influenced and inspired to purchase the product. This not only cuts your customer-onboarding costs but can also eventually transform your business into a brand.

People talk when they go through something good or bad. Your localized customer support can give them a reason to talk about your business in a positive light. Word-of-mouth can bring you a volume of business that no other marketing campaign could!

5. Crack the market, be a monopoly!

Localization can make your company a monopoly in your target market. Here’s why.

The same survey from Intercom suggests that 29% of businesses confessed that they lost customers because they don’t provide multilingual customer service.

Do you sense the underlying opportunity here? This is where you can make excellent use of localization and win your target market like no one else did!

Reasons Why Companies Fail at Localization

Now that we have read up on how localization can contribute to a brand’s fiscal growth let’s take a deep dive into the pitfalls that brands face in the localization journey. 

1. Lack of resources

Multiple language-speaking customer support agents are a rare species. Even if a company has the resources to hire them, they aren’t readily available to get hired.

2. High costs

Hiring limited multilingual agents can cost a fortune. Not every business is ready to take such a significant risk and burn its money.

3. Poor scalability

Collating different localization workflows — including content translation and customer support — can get messy and annoying. Poor scalability eventually leads to poor resource utilization.

4. Lengthy and tiring process

Translating your entire business content is not as easy as it sounds. Moreover, proofreading those translated content, paragraph by paragraph, is taxing and vulnerable to errors. This makes the entire process slow and exhausting.

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Amit Shivani

Amit Shivani

Amit Shivani is the Director of Sales at Lingpad. His superpower is bridging the gap between client needs and wants along with the sheer determination to redefine sales. Working with various brands to tackle their localization demands brings out his out-of-box, innovative persona. When he is not helping clients achieve expertise-status in their localization journey, he explores cities and street food and works towards gaining expertise-status for himself in photography.