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Category: Multilingual Customer Support

Is Google Translate Enough for your Multilingual Customer Service

Is Google Translate Enough for your Multilingual Customer Service?

Looking for effective multilingual customer support? This comprehensive guide covers why brands shouldn’t rely on Google Translate for their multilingual customer service efforts, as well as offers alternate methods to provide accurate and satisfactory customer service across languages.

Localization impacts international revenue growth

How Localization Impacts International Revenue Growth

When a company localizes its products and services, it increases its chances of success and revenue growth. This is because localization helps to improve communication, create trust and meet the needs of target markets. Read on to know more!

Companies acing MCS

4 Famous Companies Acing Multilingual Customer Service

70% of users feel more loyal to the companies that provide customer support in their native language. Also, 67% of customers are ready to switch brands due to poor customer service. Let’s look at 4 global companies who are doing it right.

Blog banner Multilingual Customer Service

You Need To Offer Multilingual Customer Support. Here’s Why!

Companies that offer multilingual customer service are more likely to retain their customers. In this blog, we explore the multiple benefits, best practices and tools that can help you offer excellent customer support — in every language and region — efficiently.

Multilingual Knowledge Base Benefits

6 Reasons You Need a Multilingual Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a sure-shot way of helping customers. Enhance their customer journey by localizing your help-center articles. Read on to know how multilingual knowledge base can boost your business!