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Birds Of Different Feather can flock together

Lingpad’s flexible dashboard welcomes all teams, departments, and external resources to help them meet their specific localization needs efficiently.

Collaborate with complete control

Collaboration shouldn’t come at the cost of privacy. Lingpad helps you invite the entire team to work on the dashboard, while limiting their access to specific files, projects, and conversations.


No more asking for updates constantly. Get a global view of all projects and track their progress easily.


Invite internal and external resources to the dashboard and place translation orders. Managing localisation projects has never been this easy.

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Get Your Entire Translation Squad To Work In sync

Collaborating with translators or agencies? No problem. Invite your language service partners to work with them on one platform.



Manage all your translation projects, invite the right linguists, utilize translation memory, and finish projects like a pro.


Insert translation memory suggestions confidently, communicate with organizer/manager in the comments, and leverage the images and screenshots in context to create accurate translations.


Proofreaders are essential for the post-translation QA process. You can add independent linguists to run checks and assess the translations.

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