What’s New @Lingpad in 2022 – Second and Third Quarter?

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Last quarter, we promised we would be back with a new set of inclusions and product enhancements to make your localization easier.

The teams at Lingpad have been busy launching the Zendesk Guide, including dynamic content support and Freshdesk Knowledge Base Integrations, AI-powered translations for Support tickets on Zendesk and Freshdesk, and pull content with translations. Fine-tuning Lingpad’s Built-In CAT Tool — Editor — is a ritual for our product, engineering, and design teams. Now you can comment, add character limits to segments, insert special characters and improve efficiency with improved Editor tags!

Zendesk Guide and Freshdesk Knowledge Base Integration

In today’s world, when customer service needs to be quick and efficient, what better way to empower your customers and customer service agents than to build a multilingual powerhouse of knowledge – something that details the ins and out of your product or service? While building a knowledge base is easy, challenges arise when you have to localize them into multiple languages and update them on a regular basis.

That’s where Lingpad makes your localization journey easier!
To start, we chose Zendesk Guide and Freshdesk Knowledge Base as our help center integrations. Now all you need to do is create the relevant integration project on Lingpad and import your comprehensive knowledge base for easy translation and localization – with a single click!

Introduced AI-powered translations for Zendesk Support and Freshdesk Support Desk

Customer service is resolving your customers’ queries.

Excellent customer service is resolving your customers’ queries without making them wait.

Often, the responses you send to your customer can be complex and might require the precision of human translations. At other times, for generic responses, your customer service agents could easily respond with the help of AI-powered translations.

In such situations, is it wise – safe, even – for agents to toggle between your customer service portal and Google Translate? No. With AI-powered translations available on the Lingpad App for Zendesk Support and Freshdesk Support Desk, your agents can place orders for the same – right from the customer service portal!

AI translations support app

Launched Dynamic content support for Zendesk Guide

With Lingpad, you can now easily import, localize and export your dynamic content as well!

Process? Common content blocks employed by your customer service superstars are translated into all target languages and ready to be sent to the customer or added to Zendesk Guide articles.

Result? Optimized localization costs and reduced processing time.

Introduced Comments feature

Collaboration across teams is one step easier! Add comments to segments, tag collaborators, review, and resolve comments within the Editor.


Launched character limit in Editor

The nitty-gritty factors of localization are far too many to count. Still, an important one that came up in our customer research is adjusting the translated content to fit the original design and/or format. Lingpad’s product, design, and engineering team worked closely on this with nary an argument (yep, no arguments AT ALL) to bring the character limit to our beloved Editor

Now, project admins, managers and organizers can assign character limits to segments – which means that the translators can work efficiently from the get-go. No more back and forth with “Hey, the translated content doesn’t fit the design. Is there any chance you can reduce it by five pages? Thanks!”

*Translator banging his head on the keyboard* – Nope, never again!

Character Limit

Knowledge Base integrations - pull content with translations

Smart companies have already jumped on the localization wagon and have multilingual knowledge base articles. When you integrate to a new platform, would you want to lose all that progress? Of course not!

With Lingpad, you won’t!

This quarter, we rolled out the much-awaited “pull content with translations” feature, which enables organizations to bring previously-translated knowledge base articles to Lingpad.

The unique part? In other translation management systems, when you make changes to a particular segment, the translations of the segments after the altered segment are lost. Lingpad’s smart Editor detects minute changes in each segment without getting rid of the translated content in the following segments. Kudos, engineering team!

Insert special character on Editor

With this inclusion, content with special characters (yes, mathematical equations, we are looking at you) can be added and seamlessly localized within the Editor.

We are all about inclusivity! Why should Maths be difficult in just one language? Kidding; it isn’t easy in the multiverse either. 🤷

Improved Editor Tags

With the release of Editor Tags in the previous quarter, we received an outpour of responses from our clients. A comprehensive questionnaire sent across the organizations’ stakeholders led us to Editor Tags 2.0.

With this improvement, if you click the tag in the source segment, the Editor detects the relevant translated content in the target segment and inserts the tag automatically! Neat, huh?

That wraps up the updates for the second and third quarter of 2022! As you might have noticed, the Lingpad team has been busy. We will keep hustling until localization is no longer taxing. We are planning to finish off the fourth quarter of 2022 with a bang – how are you planning on streamlining your customer-service localization efforts? Let us know in the comments below 👇

Share your creative journeys with us at hello@lingpad.com or through our socials! Happy localization!

Amit Shivani

Amit Shivani

Amit Shivani is the Director of Sales at Lingpad. His superpower is bridging the gap between client needs and wants along with the sheer determination to redefine sales. Working with various brands to tackle their localization demands brings out his out-of-box, innovative persona. When he is not helping clients achieve expertise-status in their localization journey, he explores cities and street food and works towards gaining expertise-status for himself in photography.