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How FundedNext Achieved Customer Success in 195+ Countries With Lingpad's AI Translation

Integration Platform:
Intercom Inbox
Intercom Inbox

FundedNext is a trading firm that provides a unique proposition for its clients - simulated fund trading on a demo account. With an expanding global clientele, 24*7 round-the-clock multilingual customer service was pivoital to FundedNext's growing success.

  • 9000

    Avg. Monthly Tickets
  • 111

  • AI translation


Operating in the global marketplace comes with its struggles and challenges for the customer support team. Empowering traders in 195+ countries, many of FundedNext’s customers come from diverse regions and backgrounds and communicate in native language with support agents.

They would receive a large number of customer queries in their Intercom Inbox, spanning a variety of languages. The agents used to translate those queries from the source to the English language manually but offered resolutions in English only.

However, this whole process was inefficient and time-consuming. Being aware of this challenge, FundedNext sought all the possible solutions.

They could either hire expert translators or local support agents and pay them a fortune or integrate an AI-powered solution in their Intercom Inbox to communicate seamlessly with customers. Well, they chose the latter.

Their team found several solutions, including Lingpad, to fast-track and streamline their support resolution process. After thoughtful consideration and several brainstorming sessions later, the decision came down to Lingpad and one of our close competitors.

Why FundedNext Choose Lingpad over Others?

When they compared both solutions side by side in aspects such as features, cost-effectiveness, and support, Lingpad was the clear winner. Not only did we offer better and more refined features, but our pricing and white-glove priority service helped them decide in our favor.

FundedNext loved our white-glove services, which included a direct open channel to Amit (our sales director) and the Tech Team to report or request new features. We developed several features to streamline their support resolution workflows.

Their team liked our attention to detail, prompt replies, and consistency with support availability and resolution deliverability. They are now able to monitor the translation process, find the top languages and language pairs used, and track the performance of their support agents for translated tickets.

At present, Lingpad has translated 9000+ monthly customer support tickets in 111+ languages for FundedNext through the power of AI. Their support team now offers quick resolutions in customer’s native language, thereby drastically improving customer experience.

Here’s what Yousuf Hossain from their Client Experience Team has to say about Lingpad:

Yousuf Hossain

Exceptional Service and Support at Lingpad

I recently had the pleasure of engaging with Lingpad, an Al-based translation company known for its innovative solutions and customer-centric approach. My experience with them was nothing short of exceptional, largely due to the incredible support provided by Amit Shivani, a distinguished stakeholder in the company.

From the outset, Amit demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to service excellence. He was consistently available, responding promptly to any queries or concerns I had. His approach was not just professional but also incredibly helpful.

Want to Experience the Same Customer Success as FundedNext?

Integrate your Intercom Inbox with AI-powered Lingpad to communicate in 120+ languages and boost your CSAT scores, all while without breaking the bank.

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